About Us

Rusper Village Hall is a lively community centre located at the heart of Rusper village.

As well as providing additional facilities for Rusper Primary School next door it is utilised by a number of groups on a daily and weekly basis, including the Playgroup, Youth Club, Parish Council and Aikido Club to name a few.

Having both a Main Hall and a Small Hall it is able to accommodate separate activities at the same time. It is also available for hire, particularly at weekends and some evenings. There is a Car Park to the rear of the Hall and a Kitchen for the preparation and serving of food and drink. Tables and chairs are available to those hiring the halls and Wi-Fi is available throughout.


Rusper Village Hall – Appeal

Our Village Hall has stood for over 100 years at the centre of our community and is available for use by local residents at a very reasonable price. This however means that our income and costs each year are almost the same. There is usually a small surplus which over the years has been built into a contingency fund that allows us to repair or replace items and décor as required.

However we now need to replace most of the roof and estimates show a requirement for approximately £100,000. This sum is way beyond our reserves and we believe needs a fund-raising committee of its own. So our appeal is for volunteers to form this committee and explore all the fund-raising avenues.

The Village Hall is a benefit to the whole community as it hosts Playgroup, School, Evening clubs and weekend social events so please consider offering your support.

Please contact either one of the Trustees, Jonathan Kitchen, Neil Matthewson, Barbara Lloyd, Rob Ethrington or one of our committee members Mike Ward, Nick Lear or Roland Allen if you would like to offer your help.

The Hall & land were originally donated by to the Village by a very generous benefactors and if there are other major or minor benefactors out there please get in contact.